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We offer a wide variety of snacks to make your event perfect! 

All concessions come with 50 servings for guest and a service attendant
(2 hrs rental).
Snow Cones-$95
Cotton Candy-$95
*Additional supplies $25 for 50 more
*Bundle any two above for $170

Treat Table - Starting at $500 (6 different treats, 12dz per treat, backdrop, table cloth, bags)

Candy Bar - Starting at $350  (8 different candies, backdrop, table cloth, bags)

Funnel Cakes-$200 (requires own power source) Generator available-$85
*Additional supplies $25 for 25 more

Hot Dog Steamer-$85
Nachos Bar-$150 (ground beef, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cheese)
*Additional supplies $25 for 25 more

Punch Fountain-$75
Chocolate Fountain-$90

*Additional supplies $25 for 50 more

Cake services - We offer custom cakes. To get a quote please send a photo for pricing. 


Snow Cone
Funnel cakes
Hot Dog Warmer
Punch Fountain

*Must have power source available.

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