Let's Talk Party Budgets

Make the most of your event budget.

The most important aspect to any event is the budget. Understanding the level of event that matches the amount of money you are willing to spend creates a stress free process for everyone involved. Approach party planning with an open mind and a logical assesment of pricing.

Event planning is a lot of work, especially for top tier events. No one can expect a $500 event with a $50 budget. Be realistic in the type of event needed and consider the total level of work that produces your party, shower or reception.

So, what should you expect?

An open, honest conversation about what you can afford and what you want. Our creative event planner may not be able to deliver beyond the financial restraints yet develop a party perfect for your needs and budget.

Decide on whether you need an entire party package including custom decor, set up, tear down, candy and snacks, entertainment, activities, attire and more or, a few balloon columns and a custom cake.

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